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Eva whitening tooth powder Eugenia is an effective and hygienic powder that could substitute or be used as a compliment to regular tooth paste. It creates a bleaching effect without any damage. By using the powder on a regularly basis your teeth will stay white. Your feeling of clean, fresh teeth is more obvious and the surface of your teeth feels smoother, plus it will get you a fresher long lasting breath. It also reduces caries attacks and removes plaque. A dry mouth will increase the caries attacks and therefore Eva whitening tooth powder Eugenia is recommended.

Eva whitening powder is manufactured in Egypt, based on 2000 years experience. Except Silicon acid and calcium phosphate, there is Magnesium peroxide that releases active oxygen when you brush, thereby eliminating miss-coloration, keeping your teeth white and clean. The powder also contains the Eugenia herb, which is antibacterial.

New products will soon be introduced. Among them are high quality products within hair and skin care. We can offer export license to all of Scandinavia.



Eva whitening tooth powder Eugenia, could be used as a compliment for anyone who has performed tooth bleaching. It will extend the result of the bleaching, cleansing and further whiten your teeth, without any damage.









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