Product information

Whiter, cleaner and fresher teeth

Affects your whole well-being and your self-esteem

A new product for men and women effectively removing
miss-coloration and plaque.
Watch the result!


  • Natural product
  • Glistening whiter teeth without bleaching
  • Contains antibacterial ingredience
  • Added protection for tooth decay
  • Gives a prolonged feeling of cleanliness directly after the first use
  • Stronger, healthier gum because of circulation, which prevents periodontitis
  • Reduces caries attacks due to a dry mouth, which can occur from some medicines
  • Eliminates and prevents tartar
  • Immediate removal of plaque, visible at first glance
  • Substitutes regular tooth paste
  • Recommended by several dental clinics
  • Removes spots from the teeth by regular use
  • Prolongs whitening result by performed tooth bleaching

The foam that is formed during the tooth brushing dissolve coatings and discolorations formed daily and kills bacteria that cause caries attacks.

This is how you use Eva Tooth whitening powder Eugenia. Rinse your tooth brush and dip in powder. Brush your teeth as normal and feel the result. By using the powder on a daily basis you will keep your teeth clean and the whiteness will remain. The powder will smoothen the surface of your teeth and give you a fresh breath.

The products are tested by Niom and approved in the EU and holds safety and has received several recommendations from dentists.

 We furnish healthcare centres as Life and Hälsokraft. In the near future the product will also be found in Dental clinics.

Our products are produced by Eva Cosmetics and are imported by Speed Import Sverige AB.



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